Bits & Pieces

Here’s a selection of our favourite smaller collaborative projects. Our clients came to us with a design idea, and we worked closely with them to make it happen. We can do drawings, work out dimensions, suggest materials and recommend fabricators. No project is too small, and these types of collaborations have some great outcomes.


Card Castle was an interactive event held over four nights in the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House during the 2018 Enlighten Festival.

The client’s concept was for visitors to build a structure using a series of shapes that would slot together. The structure would grow and change each night. The shapes needed to fit together in endless combinations; be rigid and robust yet safe and easily handled by visitors. We worked with the MOAD project team to refine the shapes and sizes, select materials and maximise the number of shapes that could be produced per sheet. We also drew up two signposts which mimicked the proportions of street signs and pointed the way to the seven key stories of this event.

The interactive was a huge success, with over 6,000 visitors attending on the final night alone. The cardboard shapes slotted together perfectly and stayed looking good throughout the festival.


We helped the National Museum of Australia develop two life-size acrylic cut-outs to replace taxidermy specimens in their permanent galleries. The sheep sits in the Landmark gallery and contains an image of a Fonthill merino on one side, with information about the breed on the other. The kangaroo sits within a showcase in the Old New Land gallery.

The acrylic is a durable, pest-proof alternative to taxidermy specimens in a museum setting.

Card Castle at Enlighten