PlayUP — The Right to Have an Opinion and Be Heard is the latest incarnation of the Museum of Australian Democracy kid’s space. Design Community was engaged to design four interactive exhibits through which children can explore communication.

The space is inviting and varied. A voting interactive has three options: Yes, No and Maybe. The questions are changed regularly and previous results are tallied and displayed.

Down the hall, the colourful puzzle interactive challenges and encourages the sharing of feelings and opinions for even the smallest visitors.

The object display showcases a mix of objects that communicate. Televisions, phones, speakers and protest badges sit in sleek acrylic boxes within a pile of open frames. The effect is inviting — pick up the phone and speak to your friend across the way.

Once they’re all talked out, the children can be barista or customer in the Kindness cafe, where a stained plywood counter holds the day’s offerings.

This fun project is open now at the Museum of Australian Democracy at OPH in Canberra. Go along and be inspired.


Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House




Redzebra Photography


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