CSIRO Collections Lab

The CSIRO Collections Lab is a children’s space in the Discovery Centre at Black Mountain. The Lab staff run a series of activities for school groups to show how and why scientific collections are made.

The client requested an open, accessible and inviting space. Greenery surrounds the circular atrium, but the previous lab design had walls which completely hid it. Our design concept places the visitor right in the centre of the lab and removes all walls and barriers. The activity benches radiate out from the central visitor in concentric circles. A light-box covered with images of natural flora and fauna sits in the first circle. The images can be traced, sketched and explored. Moving out from the centre, the curved benches create an easy movement flow so that visitors can weave in and out throughout the entire space.

High-quality, hard-wearing finishes will keep the Collections Lab looking fresh over the years, and the white, gold and pale timber scheme acts as a foil to the flashes of vibrant colour in the graphics. The space is an inviting yet simple canvas allowing the hands-on activities to develop and change freely.

The overall feel of the children’s space is open, welcoming and inclusive, inspiring the next generation of scientists and collectors.

”   It was such a positive experience working with Design Community…The process was truly collaborative & great care was taken to listen & understand the project brief & aims. I am so pleased with the final result & look forward to the opportunity to work with Design Community again.   “

Kate List, Former Manager, CSIRO Discovery & Community Programs







David Paterson, Dorian Photographics


Maria Mosquera Design + Illustration

Fabrication & Installation


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