Design Canberra Festival 2018

For the 2018 Design Canberra Festival, we got the rare opportunity to re-visit and re-imagine one of our designs. Design Canberra was mounting a display of local design work in the Canberra Centre and wanted to re-use the display frames and showcases we designed in 2017.

The display space was the centre of the concourse upstairs in the Monaro Mall, a long and relatively narrow space. The display needed to be striking and visible, whilst maintaining sight-lines down to stores at the end of the concourse.

We took inspiration from the festival’s visual identity and theme, which featured pastel colours and geometric forms. We designed new plinths sitting under the existing frames, raising them up and angling them towards the front of the mall. The plinths sit at a fifteen-degree angle to the frames, creating an interesting play of lines and forms. The frames (once white) are repainted in a charcoal grey, while the plinths alternate in teal and rose, two of the festival colours.

The resulting exhibition was successful, striking and, most importantly, sustainable.


Event category, Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2019


Design Canberra Festival


Canberra Centre, ACT


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Design Canberra Festival
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