Inherit is the Orange Regional Museum’s first long-term exhibition. It explores the history of the region through around one hundred objects; introducing fresh perspectives, encouraging reflection and highlighting different viewpoints.

Reflections and revelation

A watercolour of Mount Canobolas was the initial starting point for our interpretive design. The painting captures the phenomenon of mountains appearing blue or purple in the distance, due to moisture and dust particles in the atmosphere scattering the light. The further you are away from the mountain, the less you can see its true colours. This resonated with the curatorial intention to return to primary sources, remove the layers of cliché and give meaning in the present.

The exhibition content aimed to ‘let the light in’. We responded by designing a deep, dark, rich background of purples and smoky greys, with the objects and graphics standing out as beacons. The display tables and plinths were given a high gloss finish, creating reflective surfaces throughout that impart an unusual level of depth to the gallery.

There is no fixed chronological path. Objects are clustered together on plinths, walls and inside cases. A large floor plinth contains a mix of showcases and open display, highlighting a collection of shiny trophies and backed by an ‘ancestor wall’ containing a collection of salon-hung portraits. Elsewhere, a variety of smaller objects are displayed along a run of long glossy tables.

Inherit is atmospheric and immersive, setting a distinct mood and encouraging exploration and reflection.


Orange Regional Museum


Orange, NSW


Natasha Townsend, Orange City Council


Rosie Long

© Orange Regional Museum

Trophy plinth and ancestor wall at Inherit
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